Window foil with glitter 42x30 cm, snowmen

Decorative window foil.
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List Number: P1227
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Manufacturer:Anděl Přerov
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List price: 49 Kč (2.11 €)
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decorative window foil. The price is for 1 pc
Our window foils do not contain glue. They adhere electrostatically to the area and therefore leave no trace. Any smooth surfaces such as glass, shop windows, mirrors or tiles are suitable.

clean - without glue - repeatedly usable

1. We recommend cleaning from dust and other dirt before using the area.
2. The foil is easily applied by removing from the underlying paper and by placing it on a smooth surface.
3. Put the foil and bind any bubbles with a hand or a dry cloth.
4. After use, they can be stored on the original underlying paper and stored for the next season.

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