Cleanee Eco Hygienic Work Gel - Smell Lavender 1l

Purely natural concentrated washing gel with a fine scent of lavender for all kinds of laundry. It effectively removes protein origin dirt, preserves the laundry soft, soft and fresh.
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purely natural concentrated washing gel with a fine scent of lavender for all kinds of laundry. Effectively removes the dirt of protein origin, keeps the laundry soft, soft and fresh.

Hygienic purely natural concentrated washing gel with the aroma of lavender . is designed for washing in all types of washing machines. Suitable for all types of laundry except wool and silk. penetrates deep into the fibers, where effectively removes dirt especially protein origin. linen keeps soft and soft to the touch. It is gentle and safe to the skin and nature . Untested on animals.

What is Eco Hygienic Work Gel with the Smell Lavender Exceptional?

  • removes dirt and undesirable odor of linen
  • also suitable for gentle washing
  • ideal for washing towels - without the use of fabric softener are soft, odorless and with a fine scent of lavender
  • without chemical content
  • with a fine fragrance lavender
  • ecological
  • has long -term hygienic effects
  • antioxidant effects
  • Fully Defustible in nature - suitable for drainage to the sewer
  • vegan product - got a certificate v -Label vegan

How to use the product?

. The washing gel is designed for washing at all normal water temperatures. when using the correct dosage, using maximum washing machine capacity and a choice of low wash temperature, helping to protect the environment for lower electricity and water.

What recommended dosage?

Ideal dosing 10 ml gel (1 full cap) per 1.5 kg of laundry .

What is Cleanee Eco washing gel made?

The content of natural hygienic washing gel is water, karanja oil (Indian beech oil), linseed oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, organic salt, sugar cane extract, ascorbic acid, coconut oil, lavender oil. contains no known dangerous or carcinogenic substances, artificial dyes, foaming (SLS or SLES) or aromas .

How to store natural washing gel?

Store at temperatures of 15–30 ° C. Do not expose direct sunlight, protect against frost. The product has a 100% natural composition, so it can change consistency and color under the influence of temperature, but it does not affect its properties. Keep in the original packaging. Empty packaging is recyclable.

How big is the package?

1 liter - usable up to 33 washing according to the size of the washing machine

* applies to commonly contaminated laundry and washing in soft to medium hard water. In case of higher laundry pollution or washing in hard water, the dose is increased reasonably.

manufacturer Isokor Bohemia s.r.o.
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