Crime on the silver screen

SHERLOCK HOLMES has a brilliant brain. ELIAS SATTLER SMELL THE PERFECT ADDITION ... Author: William Cross
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SHERLOCK HOLMES has a brilliant brain. ELIAS SATTLER SMELL THE PERFECT ADDITION ... culminates Golden Twenties and the first republic flourishes. Few people know that the door is the economic crisis, people are having fun in theaters, cabarets and cafés. Prague's Barrandov terraces attract elite, especially the stars of the silver screen. Planned construction of a world-class studio and cinema faces a new challenge ... Race, who rotates the first Czechoslovak film sound is in full swing - and when the production of one of them abstain problems, asks the author of the assistance of private investigators Elijah Sattler. Soon, however, one of the key players die. It was a suicide or a murderer among filmmakers? Sattler finds that each of the participants had a reason to get rid of that. And what a strange smell that haunts Sattler extremely sensitive sense of smell? In the world of One-Longen and Slavínského, rumors of filming breakthrough Erotikon, beginning Fric and Burian, Elijah Sattler and his friend Adam Cross must not let blind glare of the lights - because behind it there is danger.

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