Masonic Dodecameron - a dozen short stories not only from the Prague Lodge

The twelve bitter -sweet stories that connect the theme of Freemasonry, author of the author.Melchior Kotnowski
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twelve bitter -sweet stories that connect the theme of Freemasonry, the author of the author. Whether in the lodge or in personal life sometimes happens unusual. And then things happen… The book with a peculiar exaggeration reflects the temptation of Covid's time, as well as the misery of Czech politics. There are moments when we don't know whether to laugh or despair. Still, we have to go on… Assassination: Why was the Prime Minister killed and what will his legacy be? Will they have their own Jesus and the Prime Minister's Church in the Czechs? Honorable: Even the chairman of the lodge can burn. There are enough reasons. Eros: There was something in the bathroom of elderly spouses that neither of them reported. Ascension of Professor Hlavsa: The old -fashioned professor brought his night vision to the desire for procreation, and eventually to eternal damnation. Penis problem: How will our male Masons face the challenge of gender change? They decided to consult with history. Fast Arrows: A short story about how liberating it is to pour a glass and become a feminist ghostwriter for a moment. Stadium: If you want to transform the Strahov stadium into the Temple of Humanity, everyone will interpret it in their own way. A bit of a dark vision of where we are going, unless we do not wake up in time. Antiquor: He lived one nice eccentric, reported to the Masonic lodge and hopelessly failed internet communication platforms. Mr. Kudláček's tramps: It is not always worth helping your neighbor. If you find at night on the President of your country, carefully consider what you do. Angle: A very brief story about the non -faulty transformation of the cross into a Masonic angle. Virulin: One murders for ideals, the other for a mammon. The viral epidemic gives a great opportunity. All you need to do is help mother to nature. Jealousy: About how it does not pay to try to catch his wife in infidelity. One of the books you just have to read and read it in one breath…

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