In the shadow of the rainbow - the story of life in Pakistan

From Vysočina to Pakistani Pešavar Müllerová Marcela
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from the Highlands to Pakistani Pešavar

Imagine that you and your husband have just moved to a new house and are expecting the arrival of the first child every day. Even in the maternity hospital you will receive a special gift from the husband - a ticket to Pakistani Pešávar - and at the same time you will learn from him that he has gained a place in a project aimed at preventing natural disasters. Suddenly you stand before the prospect of two years spent in the country, which you might still manage on the map, but the little you know about it could summarize in two sentences.

How does a fresh mother respond to the new environment and unusual culture? What does the loss of freedom and a sense of security in an unknown world mean to her? How does he cope with the fear of bomb attacks and threatening kidnapping?

The author in the memories of the diary notes captures her often hardly believable experiences in the background of what actually happened in Pakistan in 2007 and 2008. Let yourself be swallowed with a brisk narrative about the country with a rich cultural tradition and its somewhat peculiar inhabitants.

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