Universal lubricant WD-40 original, spray 400 ml

It is an immediate and maximally effective, fast-penetrating lubricant and preservative.
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Manufacturer:Den Braven
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It is an immediately and maximally effective, fast-penetrating lubricant and preservative. It combines the properties of several products. An indispensable helper for do-it-yourselfers and professionals. It serves as protection against moisture, oxidation and salt spray. Protective agent for metal parts of weapons and hunting aids, lubricant for bowdens, ball slides, door and window hinges, power tools, etc. It serves as a solvent for old lubricants, loosens stuck and stiffened lock mechanisms. WD-40 can be applied in several ways: spraying with a spray or mechanical atomizer, painting, immersing the object in a bath of WD-40.

  • Silicone free;
  • Displaces moisture;
  • Releases rusted parts;
  • Protects and preserves;


High-strength steels (hydrogen embrittlement) - designated as safe according to the Lawrence Hydrogen Effusion Test. Rubber - no visible effect on the surface of different types of rubber when applying WD-40 spray. Some types of rubber swell when immersed in WD-40 for a long time. Plastics - the following plastics have been soaked in WD-40 for 168 hours with no visible effect: Polyethylene, Acrylic, Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Teflon, Epoxy, Delrin, Formica (similar to Umakart). Clear polycarbonate and polystyrene may crack or crack when in contact with WD-40. Painted Surfaces - A variety of paint types on various surfaces have been exposed to WD-40 with no effect. Some wax-based polishes may soften the surface. Fabrics - The following fabrics have been exposed to WD-40 without effect, except for light soiling that can be easily removed with gasoline or other liquid cleaner: nylon, orlon, wool, dacron, cotton.

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