Your diet is your destiny

Josef Jonas, George Cook
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Issue 1st, 2015 | Pages: 464 | Format: 14,5 x 20,5 cm, hardcover

The causes, context, consequences and possible solutions to diseases and problems associated with food, so is the subtitle of this book. We walk together in the food we eat during the day, also the history of the human diet. We explain the historical reasons why many of us our fundamental guarantees such as wheat or milk, now more harm than benefit.

The diet influences health more than we previously believed. We want to suggest that over every morsel of food or sip drinks you should think. Food has changed the fate of our ancestors, but what you eat our parents or grandparents for nearly half a century of modern agriculture and animal husbandry has changed significantly as well as the method of processing.

Our company traded quality for quantity experience. Synthetic antibiotics and pesticides from cereal, vegetable or fruit boxes unprecedented way our daily burden. We often have no idea what we eat. We do not know about the presence of contaminants and allergens that cause metabolic disorders, or the constantly increasing chemical use our diet. Because of this, we must change the composition of foods and their method of preparation. Besides understanding the causes, context and understanding this book offers solutions. There are many more than you expect, and the choice depends only on you.

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