Troubelín 0,5l - cleans the oven and stove

Natural product
Czech product
Troubelín removes deposits and burnt fatty soil from a stainless steel, enamel or ceramic surfaces.
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Using the product for ovens, grills and fryers - Troubelín contact:
helper high degreasing capability
remover burnt from the surface being cleaned without using steel wool
easy removal of grease oils and oil substances
excellent helper for routine cleaning of the machinery
composition for cleaning blades of saws
resin composition for cleaning irons, stoves and cookers various kinds
reuse and disposal of old
burnt purity without unpleasant odor perceptions
good feeling that saving health, nature, time and money

on the cleaned surface (preferably slightly warm) apply a uniform layer of the composition and allow 5-20 minutes depending on how dirty work. Loose dirt free cloth, sponge and the like. The surface then with clean water. For very heavy soiling repeat. For high degreasing ability to work best in rubber gloves. The product is used in concentrated form.

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