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Freezing. Frightening. Neodložitelný. New psychothriller author and sellers Kříďák Jáma.Autor: C. J. Tudor
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Frosty. Frightening. Neodložitelný. New psychothriller bestselling author and Kříďák Pit. Gabe someday returning home from work by car and stuck in traffic for an old car. His back window looked out on the girl's face it. He saw says: "Dad." It was a five-year daughter, Izzy. From that moment he never saw her. The next three years were spent Gabe traveling on the highway, which then drove, and finding Izzy. He refuses to give up hope that he's still alive. Although all his claims to the contrary. Fran and Alice have had too many days and nights on the road. But the two are not looking for anyone. The two fled. Before someone who wants them at all costs hurt. Because Fran knows the truth. He knows what really happened Izzy. Who is to blame. And what do the others, when he and Alice will catch up ...

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