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secret harmony

By Barbara De Angelis Format: 148x211mmPočet pages: 30Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: Eminent
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Suddenly appear obstacles that we will not dream of not going to overcome, and we feel what we did not want to experience nope: Love relationship, which we thought it would last forever, crumbles and suddenly we are painfully lonely job or business with whom we expected, we did not work and our life loses meaning and direction, yet our good health or a loved threatening illness. Events beyond our control, destroy our financial security. We are confused, shocked, surprised and angry with style: "Where did you come from / and - in such misery ?!" toss in a depression. We are deluding ourselves that everything by itself eventually settled. We complain about the injustice of fate, adversity friends and enemies on their own fault.

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