Author: Brandon Bays Format: 132x206mmPočet pages: 168Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: EminentRok release: 2008
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This is a book about freedom in its truest and deepest sense of freedom at all levels of our being. Have you ever wanted to experience the infinite potential of your own self and openly to experience the natural joy, freedom and peace in the core of your being? Have you ever wanted to live his life in the arms of grace as your true self, naturally free from all restrictions, open to miracles, passion and fullness of life? In this remarkable and groundbreaking book, Brandon Bays Freedom of only speak, but also offers you a direct living experience. Casually leads to silence and joy, gently liberating emotional blocks, eliminates negative thoughts, releasing old limitations and allows you to open the shining splendor of your own self. With insight, clarity, and deep compassion offers a thorough, enjoyable and effective methods and tools, profoundly liberating meditation, contemplation evocative and inspiring stories that will inspire the hearts and immerse you into the awesome presence of freedom. This book is an important calling in your heart to return your infinite potential. Is calling you right now and invites you to a free life.

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