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What is necessary to make a man become a vampire? Deborah Harkness
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What do I need to make a man become a vampire?
On the battlefields of the American Revolution, Matthew de Clermont MacNeil meets Marcus, a young military doctor from Massachusetts, at a time of political awakening, when it seems that the world It stands on the threshold of a better future. When Matthew offers youth a chance at immortality and new life, without limitation imbued puritan upbringing, Marcus seizes her and becomes a vampire. But the transformation is not easy and ancient traditions and family commitments de Clermontových collide with Marcus deep faith in liberty, equality and fraternity.
Jump into contemporary Paris, where Phoebe Taylor - a young employee of Sotheby's, in which Marcus He loved - going on its own path to immortality. Although the modern version of the whole process operates at a glance uncomplicated, Phoebe and Marcus soon discover the pitfalls waiting for the man who wants to become a vampire, are as treacherous as the eighteenth century. A shadow which Marcus escaped centuries ago, as he believed, at least, may come back to haunt them both - forever.
Son of Time tells the story of passionate love, while also examining the strength of tradition and the possibility not only change, but directly Revolution . Sophisticated and glamorous world of the supernatural, slowly developing romance that made the trilogy Time instant bestseller witches are back - this time in a different historical period and in the fate spanning centuries.

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