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Agatha Christie
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intent, coincidence, accident? Or higher power? The attempt to murder will take an unexpected turn, for suddenly the role of the attacker and the victims is exchanged… The female sixth sense and charged revolver - it does not bother anything good… The motorist in trouble is looking for refuge in the nearby mansion, but is welcomed by a strange message ... Evan Llewellyn is suspected of The steal of the stars of the Dawn, the largest diamond of the wealthy Isaac Point - Can Hercul Poirot clean the young man's name, especially in the eyes of his love? Enjoy not only a well -designed witness of the indictment, which has been adapted as a theater play several times, but also less known, but no less rare gems from the realm of detective miniatures. Eleven stories full of shocking crimes and brilliant deduction shows Agath Christie in the most worse light! List of short stories: 1. Slavičí nest (read Adéla Kubačáková) 2. accident (read Martin Preiss) 3. Song of Six -Pipe (reads Viktor Preiss) 4. Radio (read Libuše Švormová) 5. Mystery of Blue Vase (reads Otakar Brousek ml.) 6. Poirot and Mystery on Regatta (read Lukáš Hlavica) 7. The fourth (reads Viktor Preiss) 8. Mr. Eastwood's adventure (reads Otakar Brousek jr.) 9. SOS (read Růžena Merunková) . Witness of the indictment (read Otakar Brousek ml.) Record length: 8 hours 33 minutes

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