Sweet TREASURES Czech and Moravian cuisine

Author: Roman Vanek Format: 219x305mmPočet pages: 176Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: Prague Culinary institutRok release: 2019
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The author of culinary bestsellers Roman Vanek with his wife Jane and their stellar culinary team comes with a new cookbook that has only its name causes a big stir in our gastronomic scene. Sweet TREASURES Czech and Moravian cuisine. This extensive "sweet" publications complement and build on Vaňkova the now iconic cookbook Treasures of traditional Czech cuisine. The book, which eventually found its place in approximately two hundred thousand households in our country. Sweet TREASURES Czech and Moravian cuisine are a selection of modern precision processed guide Czech and Moravian sweet classic. Nearly 190 recipes are traditionally processed simultaneously detailed and simple way so that no problems had prepared a beginner. Sweet TREASURES with more than 300 photographs of its traditional format of a typical given complete collection of "white series" Vaněk cookbooks many culinary collectors. Timeless cookbook, by which we can really cook!

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