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Jane Ronson is directly a prime example of conscientious and dedicated women and matky.Alex van Tonder
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Jane Ronson is directly a prime example of conscientious and devoted wife and mother. With refinement and grace wearing self-supporting her husband Colin, Governor of New York, and brilliantly withstand setbacks and scandals associated with his career. After years of rather limited role of the wife of Governor Jane achieved their own success as a writer and can look forward to the release of his debut. Wonderful message goes awry Colin's sudden death, which occurred under suspicious circumstances, and what is worse, the dark circumstances as to reflect events captured on Jane's book. Not surprisingly, it becomes the prime suspect and the investigation is focused mainly on her. Police interrogates members of the Ronson family in an effort to find out what was in that fateful night came, and slowly it becomes clear that each of them had something to hide. Someone protects Colin other side, but they all seek preservation of the reputation of his family. The investigation is continuing and from the depths of the past, slowly emerges raw truth, fleeting, elusive and especially disturbing.

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