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Sisters of Chanel

A novel about a constant desire for "something better" Judithe Little
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The novel about the constant desire for "something better" the main character of the novel and the narrator of the story of a tireless search for love and dignified place in society is not surprisingly iconic designer Coco Chanel. She would never open her story openly, and on the contrary - until her death, she was overwhelmingly secret, including the existence of her two younger sisters. Real stories speak to the author of the novel, which, in her words, often show more interesting than fiction. And so in front of us, the forgotten figure of Antoinette, younger sister Coco Chanel, appears from the shadow of time. It tells us the colorful story of our own life inherently linked to the initial phase of building the fashion empire brand Chanel. For all the three sisters of Chanel's, their story began to be written in one French monastery orphanage at the end of the last century. In a way, it was an environment of women led by a prosperous "business", which undoubtedly shaped the nurses fundamentally and indelibly influenced the fashion manuscript of Coco Chanel itself. Antoinetta was one of the closest people for Coco, so we can look into the world of both sisters by an intimate, authentic way, often spiced with apt, kind glosses. We also uncover a number of extremely interesting period realities.

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