Warm-up before going to bed

Author: Milan BadalFormát: 115x180mmPočet pages: 111Vazba: BrožovanáVýrobce: Carmelite nakladatelstvíRok release: 2019
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List Number: 15719
EAN: 9788071952022
Manufacturer:Karmelitánské nakladatelství
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A small reflection on the usual worries and joys of human life, which depends only on the angle of our view that they became very unusual stories. A little lesson is richly balanced with humor. Events about which the author treats, can happen to anyone, not every lead you to them but treated as a poetic challenge adventurous life. // warm-up before bedtime follow successful rozcvičkách Rann. We hope that readers after reading cover them in the head and they fall asleep with a small smile. Text illustrations complement Helena Filcíkova.

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