White respirator KN95 (equivalent FFP2)

Protective respirator KN95 protection class FFP2 made of nonwoven filter with efficiency up to 95%
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Protective respirator KN95 protection class FFP2 made of nonwoven filter having an efficiency of 95% is more preferable for the protection against dust, bacteria, allergens, viruses or infections than conventional textile or disposable drapes. The respirator is disposable protective equipment and is normally intended to 8 hours of use, but if they do not move directly in a contaminated environment, can be used repeatedly.

hygienically packed by 1 piece.


Protection Standard KN95 is recommended by the World Health organization (WHO) as the minimum standard of protection!

main characters FFP2 respirator KN95
  • filters up to 95% efficiency < / li>
  • material: cotton-woven fabric
  • protection: KN95 N95 (FFP2)
  • filtration grade: ≥ 95%
  • universal size
  • equipped with a strap for better fixation and optimal sealing of the nose
  • respirator is not fitted with an exhalation valve
  • if necessary (movement in a contaminated environment) it is suitable to add it on protective clothing, gloves and protective shield or goggles
  • hygienic reasons it is not possible to return the respirator within the statutory period
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