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Respirator FFP2 black 10 pcs

Black respirator with proven more than 95% air filtration efficiency. To 3.6.2021 exempt from VAT.
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List Number: P0549
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Manufacturer:Good Mask
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respirator black
With more than 95% of air filtration efficiency from the Czech manufacturer Good Mask is designed to fit every face.

above -standard protection from viruses, bacteria, dust and droplets is provided by two filter layers out of a total of five. Thanks to the widespread nasal reinforcement, you can rely on tightness and wearing comfort throughout the day and for sensitive skin. The maximum breathable ultra -thin material does not stink or evaporates.

respirator ensures effective protection against viruses, bacteria, dust and droplets.

produced from Czech materials for strict quality control on the production line in the Czech Republic

filter efficiency according to FFP 2, certified to more than 95 %

contains 2 active filter layers for above -standard protection

Enhanced nasal reinforcement better seals and is more comfortable for wearing

Materials are pleasant for sensitive skin

perfectly fits on each face

maximum breathable for easy breathing

respirators are intended for one -time use.

Important notification!

nasal strap may not agree to depict the box- /Strong>

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