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Nature Guide to Trips - Easy to determine animals, plants and mushrooms by habitat

Get to know the nature of the flora and the fauna of Central Europe is incredibly diverse ...Frank and Katrin Hecker
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List Number: 26184
EAN: 9788076700529
Manufacturer: Kazda Václav
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Get to know the nature of the flora and the Fauna of Central Europe is incredibly diverse - just like the diverse Central European landscape. Some plants and animals know well, others have the opportunity to get to know this guide. You will not be able to recognize you on holiday. The book will take you to various Central European areas, the so -called habitats, for which certain plants and animals are typical. So you can simply orient yourself wherever you visit. The badger feels best in the forest, while the hedgehog likes to stay near human settlements. Who knows this can easily discover and observe various animals everywhere in nature and quickly get to know them by typical features or tracks they leave behind. If you also want to enjoy something on the walk, in this guide you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the common edible plants of our forests and meadows and you will learn to reliably recognize the poisonous ones and far from avoiding them. Whether you go to the forest outside the city, enjoy the diversity of nature in the middle of meadows and groves, sunlight at the South Bohemian pond or descend wild salt, climb the Tatra shields or travel to the sea coast, flora and fauna of Central Europe. In the nature guide on trips you will find: • Descriptions 550 The most important and most famous animals, plants and fungi • More than 800 photos with clearly visible typical features • Appendix to “animals on the trail”: The presence of animals will tell you their traces, signs The nests in each chapter you will find the species always in the same order: from mushrooms and plants to animals, within animal species from invertebrates to birds to mammals. You will find a selection of the most common, most typical, but also the most beautiful plants and animals that you will most likely encounter in a given environment.

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