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Up the stairs up, on the nose down

Zuzana Součková after the publication of the fourth book of feuilletons diagnosis of the woman said that she would no longer write about her life.Zuzana Součková
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Zuzana Součková After the publication of the fourth book Fejetons, the woman has arisen that she will no longer write about her life. She said she realized that her readers knew more about her than she did. This time, the untamed author wrote a natural book that denies all the rules of writing. The book "Up Stairs up, on the nose down" cannot be included in genre. Without warning, a humorous column from life with a short story, which is an absolute fiction followed by a romantic consideration. In fact, the reader does not know what he will read and what he will find on the next page. Until the last line, the question is maintained in tension - what will come now? Is this life, or could it never really happen? The author, who, with her positive approach to life, motivates not only women from her near and distant surroundings, tells all readers: “It will strengthen everyone from the comfort zone. That is why I wrote a book that will not leave you in peace, does not lure to lethargy, but will certainly entertain, laugh and maybe even cry. Better sit down comfortably and then, people, read! ”
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