planet idiots

Man likes to stalk reality, if it in the turbulent river of madness sees. Roman Bureš
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One likes to stalk reality, if it in the turbulent river of madness sees. When it started to pour, I asked myself: What is happening to the world? How can they do this? Why does not anyone stop them? But in the end, leaving only one basic question: I am able to survive? Apocalypse has come up with a broad smile, which to our valued teeth. It was not a Hollywood space whack, no asteroid or supervolcano. It was subtle and creeping humanity and it really did not notice. I'll never forget the woman in the subway. It was the first, her voice like a bell. Later, they added another. Hundreds of thousands. Millions. Finally billion. I was there. From a shy beginning to the bitter end. And this is the record of what I saw and what I experienced - my personal chronicle of the end of the world ...

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