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Permon - U Premium is an excellent versatile, liquid, highly concentrated formulation for washing colored and white clothes (except wool and silk) in all types of washing machines
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Permon - U Premium is excellent versatile, liquid, highly concentrated preparation for washing colored and white fabric (except wool and silk) in all types of washing machine
at temperatures of 10-60 ° C . Contains components effectively protecting paint. In combination with a bleach component B Permon Percarbonát on whites. It has a very efficient system of ecological water softening washing bath. This greatly increases the efficiency of washing soap ingredients (soap in hard water and do not wash flaked), which is otherwise achieved by adding Permon Z. Moreover, it is equipped with the most modern enzymatic complex - 6 enzymes that enhance work efficiency and the treated fiber. Laundry is softer after washing without using Permon M.

Using ecological washing program - Permon get
contented healthy skin and a pleasant feeling while wearing clothes
high durability and color quality fabric laundry
softer without using Permon M
fresh fragrance spring nature
electricity saving, by Permon is effective even at very low temperatures 10-40 ° C. Bleach component has the highest efficiency in cold water.
good feeling that spare nature of phosphates and zeolites
simultaneously washing and cleaning scrubber quantity discounts

formulation containing fillers, saving thus, the amount of water for rinsing
good feeling that saving health, nature, time and money

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