Fateful love - the love story of famous and forgotten

* Czech artists who have conquered the world - Leos Janacek, Hugo Haas, Anny Ondra. * Writers who became a national treasure for all of us
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* Czech artists who have conquered the world - Leos Janacek, Hugo Haas, Anny Ondra. * Writers who became a national treasure for all of us - Bozena Nemcova, Rudolf Těsnohlídek, Jakub Arbes, Petr Bezruč. * Famous aristocrats who greatly influenced Czech history - Klemens Wenzel Metternich and Catherine Wilhelmine of Sagan. * The best boxer of the world, which in addition to physical force ruled admirable intellect - Max Schmeling. * Furious journalist and wanderer five continents, for which the search for truth and justice became an obsession life - Egon Erwin Kisch. * Photographers who wrote the history of war reporting - Robert Capa and Gerda Taro. * Artists, which was destined to be forgotten, and yet they were at that time not be overlooked - Arthur Breisky, Christian Heinrich Spiess. * Geniuses renowned today on all continents - Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Ernest Hemingway, Fryderyk Chopin, George Sand. Fate gave them a chance to love so that happiness and sorrow of the other were their happiness and sorrow. Experienced great love dramas. Love is uplifted to the heavens. Love is knocked into the dust of the earth. Despite this, they were happy. They had experienced a truly fateful relationships that are inherent outstanding and emotionally rich people. Unique love that overcomes all obstacles of time. They continue to inspire and fascinate. The book Fateful love can be for many readers Stanislav Motl surprising. The author admits, figuratively speaking, into a seemingly uncharacteristic for him romantic world famous and forgotten men and women who experienced romantic drama, ups and downs. This time, however, remains true to its proven methods and techniques: "Once again I was able to delve into the archives, search for previously unknown documents, travel to places where ancient stories took place, and even look for consecrated people, sometimes descendants of survivors, search for new information, new connection ... "(from the introduction to the book) publication, which was based on the documentary series of the same name Czech television is complemented by more than two hundred photographs and documents.

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