Bednarek Adrian
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It's called Aliceja and she's the only woman I've ever longed. When we were teenagers, I secretly visited her room, spy on her, recognized her secrets and tried to get closer to her.
But she never paid attention to me. Then she left, but I didn't give up. I changed my visage, let her friend fall in love with me, and I learned the difficult art of manipulating human feelings.
After six years she returned and I am finally ready. I don't care that he should get married soon. I don't care that it is as toxic as strychnines, nor that what I plan will evoke absolute chaos.
Will love me even if it meant that our world will absorb flames.
The thrilling, detailed thriller of a successful Polish author brings a dark, heavy and very vivid atmosphere that will catch you and will not let you from the first to the last page.

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