The Dark Face of Love

Do not ask about the past and the future do not count ... Two clearly defined rules. Colleen Hoover
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Do not ask about the past and the future do not count ... Two clearly defined rules. But how long they can work in love? When a college student at the time Tate Collins moves to his older brother and get acquainted with his friend, pilot Miles Archer, it's definitely love at first sight. It is not even a friendship, a mutual violent and uncontrollable desire. Miles strangely hesitant longer than Tate, but in the end he suppressed his scruples. Already after the first love is obvious that you both physically perfect suit. Double-sided arrangement is clear: he does not stand for love, she does not have time for her, so stay only for sex. But Tate soon realizes that he wants to be mysterious, mournful Miles closed and spend more. He wants to break his two rules: do not ask do not count on the past and the future. But Miles himself he is not sure if it can be met. Because love is stronger than the rule, promises and commitment. Although her dark side is so scary ...

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