Norwegian (not only) for samouky

Author: I. Pinkasová, K. Winkler, L. Mikolášková Number of pages: 408Formát: A5Vazba: paperback
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The basic textbook Norse is open to all who want to learn Norwegian (bokmål) primarily self, but serve well as for language courses. In each lesson is included introductory article (or articles), as well as dialogues, basic vocabulary for that lesson, expanding vocabulary, Section phrases and prepositional phrases, information concerning Norwegian realities, section with grammar explanation, exercises on pronunciation, listening exercises and a the amount of exercises on grammar and vocabulary. Introductory texts include individual lessons as useful phrases necessary for understanding in everyday situations and interesting realities with regard to Norway and life in this country. Part of the textbooks are key to the exercises, Norwegian-Czech dictionary in a separate booklet and two audio CDs.

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