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They were supposed to be perfect honeymoon.Sarah J. Naughton
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They were supposed to be perfect honeymoon. After their luxury wedding, the newlyweds of Asha and Oliver Graveney set out for their luxury wedding to the five -star beach resort in Vietnam, where white sands, the Azure Sea, private villas and first -class cuisine are waiting for them. They are not only going to celebrate their marriage, but also recover from a recent tragedy that almost cost a relationship. However, everything does not always go according to plan. The dream trip suddenly goes wrong and the couple finds themselves in danger. Paradise turns into a nightmare. After a brutal assault, Asha wakes up in the hospital without knowing where she is and what happened. There is no trace of her husband anywhere. In an effort to reveal the truth about what happened on their holiday, Asha learns surprising facts that she has not yet suspected, and finds that her world differs more from her husband's world than she realized. The thrilling psychological thriller also captivates the reader with a novel formal aspect, whether it is a blend of several time levels or alternating different ways of narration.

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