worst fears

Popular Commissioner Marie equalize the series Detectives from Trinity returns. Michal Sykora
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Popular Commissioner Marie equalize the series Detectives from Trinity returns. After four novels popular investigator Marie equalize returns in the file containing the three larger story. After retiring from the police accepted the offer Great Owl lecture at the University of Olomouc practical criminology. However, even peaceful academic career not protect it from contact with crime again must join forces with former colleagues in investigations it personally. In the short story "Before the Flood" Mary at the instigation of his students Lucie returns to the nineteen-year-old car accident that may have been an accident. Interest on long-closed case triggered a series of dramatic events that comes to her and Lucy's life. In the story "Life academic work Plišek" must cope with the death of a friend murdered under circumstances that strongly resemble the classic "locked room mystery". A cover story "worst fears" finds Mary in Jeseníkách where you originally planned to buy the cottage. Instead involved in the case, the actors are local businessman and womanizer, unfaithful wife the spa doctor and single mother - all the time escalation of the campaign before the municipal elections.

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