Mission Mission - Search and Lušta with Stickers

A lot of information and attractions from history, quizzes, puzzles, puzzles and over 150 stickers to solve tasks… Go on an adventure mission to the Middle Ages! You will be searching, collecting indications and especially to decipher the secrets of old hundreds, thousands, and millions of years!
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go on an adventure mission with the code name Medieval! The Academy of Mysteries, which has been solving the puzzles of hundreds of old, thousands, even millions of years, has a compassionate case for you. Six nobles cannot agree on to whom the castle estate, which was held by their ancestor. Go to the Medieval Castle, find out more about the local nobles and determine who is right to get it. Only if you can successfully cope with all puzzles, quizzes and tasks, can you prevent war on heritage! You have over 150 stickers for it, and you will learn a lot of engaging information and attractions from history.

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