Mary Magdalene and the women in the life of Jesus

The apocryphal Gospel of Philip says that Jesus still lives accompanied by three Marie - his mother, sister and fiancee.
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In the apocryphal Philip's gospel says that Jesus lives always accompanied by three Marie - his mother, sister and fiancee. Although the text appears to be symbolic, it is a real character of his mother Mary, half-sister and wife Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene Priestess free. Beneath the cross I was close to him and other women, and Mary the mother of James and his girlfriend royal Salome, Herod's daughter and a major supporter of the Jesus movement, mother of Martha and Lazarus. The book is mainly devoted to spiritual legacy of Mary Magdalene - Jesus, the Apostle of the East and the firstborn daughter Marie Salomé - the Apostle of the West. It also monitors the link apoštolek twelve Jesus whose families have contributed to the spread of the original Christianity in Europe.

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