Maria Theresa - a symphony of life Empress

Author: Josef Prokop Bernard Format: 148x215mmPočet pages: 496Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: Fortuna LibriRok release: 2018
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Maria Theresa. Strong and interesting woman that nothing human alien. The only woman on the Czech throne, one of the most important figures XVIII. century, but also the mother of sixteen children and a loving wife.
What was she? Hard, calculating, ruthless ruler who left behind him to fight and die hundreds of thousands of soldiers, or understanding and loving wife and mother?
Our story begins in the early days of her reign, guides you through a difficult time when Maria Theresa lived her worries , joys, know her likes and whims, you will meet with a number of prominent figures, including Joseph Haydn, who passed on her number still edge 48. symphony called Maria Theresia. Perhaps the book will find an answer to the question why we, despite the gap of more than two centuries, Maria Theresa so close.

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