I love you, but I'm not in love

By Andrew Marshall GFormát: 124x199mmPočet pages: 296Vazba: BrožovanáVýrobce: NoxiPůvodní MOC 299, -
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How to revive flagging love?
Many couples who come to consult with an expert on relationships, the therapist Andrew G. Marshall, considers this question as essential and difficult problem, which is characterized by the words: "I love her, but I'm not in love "or" I like him, but I'm not in love. "
Why the love affair eventually turns into friendship, going out of his passion and partners feel disappointed and frustrated?
What do we I do still love your partner?
author based on their years of practice and research, has developed a unique program. He watched the couples communicate together, take responsibility, what and how to provide each other and how to get along.
It is convinced that the end of infatuation does not end the relationship.
In this book provides you with instructions on how to partner to better understand. Presents seven steps to help bring peace and security, strengthen mutual bond partner, will help revive an intimate relationship again and found not only lost love spell, but her self.

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