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The trouble and context

The story of the book begins in 2030 to retrospectively return to 2018.Vladimír Kameš
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The story of the book begins in 2030 to retrospectively return to 2018. A young girl who graduated in the grammar school with Spanish teaching language in Olomouc in 2010 and chose IT studies at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University. At the same time, it will apply to the local conservatory and is applying for admission to the violin game. Here, too, she was accepted. In a short time, he discovers the desire to devote himself to music and leaves the Faculty of Science. After completing his studies at the Conservatory in 2016, he is looking for application without a result in the Moravian orchestras. Even elementary art schools in the Olomouc region do not break to accept the young novice teacher. Therefore, Marcela Jandová will thank the teacher of the game in the Jeseník game, in the northern part of the Olomouc Region. Jeseník is a city that at that time experienced a period of "unused territory" - territory without the use, decline in production, increase in unemployment, depopulation and accumulation of young people outside Jesenicko to areas offering, decent salaries, establishment of family and accommodation. In a similar position, the neighboring territory of the Opole and Wroclaw Vojvodvy found itself. Thanks to the EU program, the Jesenicko region became an area with a focus on spa and rehabilitation services, and began to flourish again, as well as the neighboring part of Poland. Year 2030 was favorable after a period of uncertainty and suffering.

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