fox Kulíšek

Author: Jan Smolik Format: 213x257mmPočet pages: 80Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: PikolaRok issue: 2019AKCE valid from 1.11. - December 31, 2019
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Author: Honza Smolík
Format: 213x257mm
Number of pages: 80
Binding: Fixed
Manufacturer: piccolo
Year of release: 2019
The offer is valid from 1.11. - December 31, 2019

In Švihlese woods around the pond Hloubavce is busy! Pygmy fox and fox yawning Kujo plot. As fish out water sprite, beaver Bob, enjoy a fish feast, shall meet Obrhřibem, it will šlapohybem forest for plums for jam, learn to fly and a lot of other amazing events mischievous gang kids read comics in the popular cartoonist Jan Smolik. The book will also find more than a quarter of hundreds of puzzles to train your attention, in the crossword, do without the pencil. The book is intended for children from 6 years.

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