The latest hit from the legend of spy fiction Frederick Forsyth and proof that even after years lost none of his writer's skill! Frederick Forsyth
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The latest hit from spy fiction legend Frederick Forsyth and proof that even after years lost none of his writer's skill! Former British secret agent Adrian Weston wake up middle of the night call of the Prime Minister. Her statement is shocking to computer databases Pentagon, the US National Security Agency and the CIA got hacker. The seemingly impenetrable firewalls overcame unknown enemy called the "Fox". Even more surprising is the finding that the offender is British teenager Luke Jennings. The following anything in particular, has no secrets, just a very brilliant mind. It seems that extradition to the United States misses him - until Weston gets another idea: If Luke can do this to us, what it can do to our enemies? After meeting with the American president and the British prime minister to Weston decides to use the "Fox" and his talent for the benefit of both countries. Of course, this boy deleted geopolitical minefield. Adrian must always be one step ahead of many invisible enemies, while still looking for a way to at least predictable and most powerful weapon to use.

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