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Kiss me

Angela is French. Love around her often passed unnoticed, but this time he loves so that her fear grips the bowels ...
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Price:74 Kč (2.85 €)
List price:98 Kč (3.77 €)
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Angela is French. Love around her often passed unnoticed, but this time he loves so that her insides ... fear grips Luis is an American former star of the silver screen. Chatting with Angela tells her about his life, loves, failures. Virgile is French. He loves, but it is suspicious. Mathias is Czech. It is hard for her and this trip will not let seduce. Nothing and no one. Angela is looking for him, he escapes her. We meet again ...

All of these characters go through Angela's life. And Angela - the narrator of the story - is hopelessly trying to find the thread between them. The link had to be memories, love, desire. But also fear, pain and the constant repetition of the same mistakes ...

It's a novel about desires and longing: the longing for a man after a woman in the city a nostalgic desire to relive the past, to play, to own, to marry, to learn. It's the story of a crazy desire to take their lives into the hands and cast it before him like dice.

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