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Kronch Active 2 kg

Prémiová kvalita
Tasty complete food especially for dogs with higher activity on the basis of fresh salmon with a high content of acids EPA and DHA ..
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324 Kč (12.51 €)
List price:341 Kč (13.17 €)
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List Number: P334
EAN: 5709707220029
Warranty:12 měsíců
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Price:324 Kč (12.51 €)
List price:341 Kč (13.17 €)
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Delicious complete food especially for dogs with higher activity on the basis of fresh salmon with a high content of acids EPA and DHA .. Fat and protein components of salmon feed supplying high nutritional value. Feed in addition to ordinary individuals also particularly suitable for dogs suffering from hair loss, itchiness of the skin, dandruff. In disorders of growth. Strengthens the immune system, increases prolificity, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and allergies. After crossing most of the owners recorded significant change in quality, gloss and density of hair. The addition of garlic. Chondroitin and glucosamine for flexibility and support the musculoskeletal system is included in the basic raw material

Manufacturer / Supplier: Henne Pet Food, Gartnervćnget 32, DK 6855 Outrup, Denmark

Basic Information:

Percent Protein: 24.00%

The percentage by weight: 16.00%

Type of cereals: corn, barley, rice

The source of animal protein: fish

The source of minerals: inorganic

The method of preservation: extracts of natural origin containing vitamin E, vitamin C, propyl gallate


Ingredients: fish (16% fresh salmon, fish meal), maize, barley, rice, vegetable oil, animal fat, blood meal, bloson (source of minerals), brewer's yeast, beet fiber, lecithin, garlic, vitamins and minerals

Average nutrient content of the feed: 8% moisture, 240 g Nl / kg, 160 g fat / kg fiber, 30 g / kg, ash 80 g / kg 14 g Ca / kg, 10 g P / kg vit. A 12,000 IU, vit. D3 1200 IU, vit. E (alpha tocokoferol) 150mg, vitamin C 5.5mg

The average nutrient content in dry matter:

The average nutrient content per 100Kcals / ME:

The energy value of feed: 1 450kJ / 100g of feed

The price ration: 23.22 CZK (260 g to 20 kg dog (higher load) of 15 kg pack)

Quantity ration: 260 g


30-110 g 1-5 kg, 5-10 kg from 110 to 170 g, from 10 to 20 kg from 170 to 260 g, from 20 to 30 kg from 260 to 350 g, from 30 to 40 kg from 350 to 490 g, from 490 to 610 g 40-50 kg, 50-60 kg 610- 730 g, from 60 to 70 kg from 730 to 850 g

pregnant bitches since the second half of pregnancy step up ration of 50% or to taste phenyl
lactating females: 2-3 times the reported dose females or to taste, depending on litter size, divided into two doses per day
young puppies and dogs: the dog to taste until half the weight of an adult, then reduce the amount of feed per 1.5násobek reported dose for adult dogs and feed thus into adulthood. Puppies and young dogs feed 2 to 3 times a day.

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