Author: Radim Jebavý, David NovotnýFormát: 170x240mmPočet pages: 263Vazba: Fixed
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or Call for Dominator

Did you know that the legendary hockey goalie Dominik Hasek (Dominator) the most successful goalie in our history, the Olympic champion from Nagano best European and NHL hockey player is also a skilled cyclists and a great traveler? Cyklovýpravy became a challenge for him, and together with the authors of this book made a round trip to the Balkans and to the Himalayas. It is interesting to see how such an excellently trained and personality leads grab at the bottom of their forces and both on the road quite naturally assume collective responsibilities, such as washing tin plates :)
The book focuses cykloakce that both authors have taken over the last twelve years range from 2005 to 2016. Pulls it's more to the east of the following reasons: untouched nature, laughing nice people, their openness, trust and unfeigned interest. There experiencing normal, ordinary life without embellishment, where the only "concern" is to get water, food and lodging. They have experience that the local lands is still a major interest in the man, and then up the money. Ordinary herdsmen get by with a minimum of joy and sweaty foreigners is honest. Kolo ideally allows them to connect with dreams of adventure. The body really softens beautifully and head rest. Find out how they can be such expeditions pleasantly addictive, or to go in their footsteps. Enough for you, just like the two of them, two to three weeks holiday.

Visited and described in the book of country:
Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Poland , Kazakhstan, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Israel, Palestine.

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