Quarantine with a modern photo - audiobook

Modern Fotr, Čeněk and Natasha in Quarantine!
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"Modern Fotr, Čeněk and Natasha in Quarantine! It is one sunny afternoon on the stand at the stand at the Bats on the peeling and in a few months, on the other side of the globe, you are with your family. , because there is a lurking death. You sew the tracks, applaud out of the window to healthcare professionals and tame the passions of a hyperactive schoolboy whose education has partially fell on you - schools are closed. (After all, you can't even). Day, or month after a month, you still watch a new and new Minister of Health on television, and the nation is still in the back of the nation that the next three weeks will be crucial. So you will hate all other people… And from time to time, of course, short and confusing windows of loosening and optimism - Santa Claus is worn by FFP3.

Artist: Filip Švarc
Director: Alexandra Bauerová
Record length: 5 h 19 min.
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