My first meeting with Jax Blackwood didn't work out best.Kristen Callihan
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My first meeting with Jax Blackwood didn't work best. In my defense, however, I had no idea that it was Jax Blackwood - who would expect to meet the legendary rocker in the supermarket? In addition, I was about to take over the last cup of mint ice cream with pieces of chocolate. I guess I should have left it, but he challenged me to take the ice cream. So I kissed him and the cup ripped skillfully out of his hand. Sure, it was a little under the belt of me, but desperate times… You know it. I didn't expect my new neighbor to turn out. I emphasize that a pretty annoying neighbor, because he enjoyed reminding me that I owed him ice cream, and at the same time an irresistible neighbor who likes to play in his living room on the guitar - and beautifully - naked. I should avoid him, but Jax is not going well enough - not when he can make me laugh and heat me. We are only neighbors and neither of us believe in love, but we could be much more. We could have one another.

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