I am a woman - diary for every woman

This diary is every woman becomes her own daily tours and creative project. ester Davidová
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This diary is every woman becomes her own daily tours and creative project. It's treasury, which will be a reflection of her soul. It is filled with loving guidance for the full twelve months. It's not a classic diary and it is up to her, when he begins to pay. In five chapters woman lead you step by step how to conduct myself and how itself can become a guide and therapist. Once a woman after filling look back and recapitulate your twelve self-knowledge process, find out how come a very long way. His will through their feminine essence not only heal, but also intensely aware of and intensify. Can it get carried away, trusting him to fulfill his words, giving it their secret wishes and also into it and take notes with pleasure and paint. In the diary for every woman waiting for a pleasant surprise. "The issue of this newspaper brought me to my own experience. For several years I kept a personal record in the form of diaries that helped me better recognize herself, her womanhood and cyclic and lunar phases. Wrote, I do have my thoughts, emotions, feelings, moods, ideas, visions, physical manifestations. they helped me overcome difficult moments, especially in the days when I was experiencing inner turmoil, I suffered anxiety, depression and sought myself. Thanks to them, I realized that the woman is creative, and to be happy and fulfilled it is important for her creation. Whenever I then looked back at his writings, I was pleased how much I've come a long way. it has self-confidence and self-worth began to grow. " (Esther Davidová - author)

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