Inspector Gamache 8: Beautiful mystery

Author: Louise Pennyová Format: 155x234mmPočet pages: 472Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: KalibrRok issue: 2018Edice world bestseller
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In front of the closed world of the monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups live in peace and prayer twenty monks. The irony is that community which has taken a vow of silence, became famous for its gorgeous vocals, the effect on the audience is so deep that he dubbed the "beautiful secret."
Only when the murdered famous choirmaster, the monastery gate open and let the Chief inspector Armand Gamache of the famous Quebec Surete, who appears unrest in apparent harmony and is forced to confront with his own demons. Before revealing the killer, before restoring peace chief inspector must first consider the divine and human, and to close the gap between them.
Beautiful mystery brought the Canadian bestseller author Louise Pennyové just three prestigious awards: Agatha Award, Anthony Award and the Macavity Award.

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