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A historical novel based on the real events and life of the famous Austrian violinist Alma Rosé.Ellie Midwood
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List Number: 26793
EAN: 9788075659323
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List price: 398 Kč (17.3 €)
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A historical novel based on the real events and life of the famous Austrian violinist Alma Rosé. Her bravery saved countless lives and gave hope to those who have forgotten what the word means… "In Auschwitz, he is a fight for survival every day. Alma has a light blue ink tattooed with 50381 and detached from his beloved In the labyrinth of barbed wires. People disappear every day and no one will ever see them again. The tragic reality cannot be more distant almina's life. As a renowned violinist, she captivated her audience when the Nazis began to stretch in Europe. The commander of the female camp Almu appoints a conductor of a camp orchestra who plays prisoners crawling to work and high SS officers, Alma refuses: "They can kill me but not bring me to play." hungry girls rations extra food and many of them save from death. This is how Alma meets Miklos, talented pianist. surrounded by despair The joy in the rehearsals, secret messages and concerts that play side by side while praying to end the suffering one day. But in Auschwitz is the air that breathes, saturated with a loss, and the only certainty is the tragedy… Can their love in such a desperate place survive? "

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