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Little girl: my first memories

Author: Elle Mendenhall Format: 270x290mmp Pages: 96 VAZBA: Fixed Manufacturers: Book Club
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319 Kč (14.18 €)
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List Number: 09077
EAN: 9788024258089
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List price: 399 Kč (17.73 €)
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The little girl presents a practical and generously processed newborn baby monument, in which proud parents can map various important events, achievements, progress and small life carambola from the birth of the baby until his three years. The charmed and richly illustrated book does not lack space for their own photos, but there are also envelopes and inner pockets for small reminders such as curly hair, first tooth, ultrasound images, maternity tape and other nice souvenirs. The little girl can become a rare collection of memories of unique moments.

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