History before soudem- Secret forensic audits

History is full of events whose true essence we still remain hidden in stínu.Petr Vokáč
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History is full of events whose true essence we still remain hidden in the shadows. No choice but to constantly ask ourselves whether we really know everything we need for the decryption of these events, their causes and impacts on the whole history that escapes us something and that was not really anything else. The author now look at the sixteen stories that take us to the Swiss Alps, the waters of the oceans, in the Erzgebirge Jáchymova on Albion. Consider the role of the Knights Templar in Switzerland, with fraud over the Snake Queen, the possible existence of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat and over the past Magda Goebbels paradoxes and mysteries about the missing insignia of Charles University. And do not forget while you ask the same question as the author. Indeed, we know enough to be able to judge history?

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