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GSP (Green Shield Power) additive per 500 l fuel

GSP - Green Power Shield keeps your engine complete combustion of the fuel and thus protects the motor from soot, carbon and other sediments. Engines stop burning oil.
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Price:599 Kč (22.14 €)
List price:749 Kč (27.69 €)
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GSP - Reduces consumption, clean engine and diesel particulate filter, improves performance and significantly reduced emissions.

Green Power Shield (GSP) is a unique liquid concentrate, which is intended as an additive for internal combustion engines of all types and designs. GSP significantly influences the combustion process, thereby reducing consumption, exhaust emissions, reduced wear of moving and stationary parts of the engine and ultimately acts as a detergent fuel system from the combustion chamber. The active ingredient is a substance GPS ferrocene. Uniqueness GSP preparation is that it contains ferrocene as the sole liquid basis - patenting.

What ferrocene Fe (C5H5) 2, and what benefits can the combustion of fossil fuels brings, has been known for a long time. In 1973 gained Professors Fischer and Wilkinson from Munich Technical University won the Nobel Prize for research on the properties of ferrocene ferrocene containing carbon, hydrogen and iron. Carbon contained in ferrocene and by adding the fuel to support combustion of the fuel. Improved combustion, a substantially lower wear of the engine and the exhaust system.
Positively affected by all mobile (e.g. piston) and the stationary part (e.g. the cylinder walls) of the engine, through the exhaust pipe, where due to the better combustion does not prošlehům into the exhaust pipe, thereby reducing the temperature and thus the load of the entire exhaust system.

As already mentioned, ferrocene contributes significantly to improved combustion, reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Reducing emissions is significant in all engines, turbocharged and atmospheric.

The liquid form of the additive brings compared to the particulate or a tablet design several east.

The first completely eliminates most problems ferrocene in solid form and solubility - ferrocene in solid form (powder, tablet), if it is not completely and correctly in the fuel tank is dissolved, leaving the sediments. Removing such deposits from the fuel tank - then it is very difficult.

The second Another indisputable advantage and certainly liquid additive is a Cost . The patented liquid form of the additive achieves in comparison with the tablet or loose versions savings.

The functional verification

to verify the functionality of our product, we recommend before using additives go into service or MOT and have to measure emissions. Immediately after consuming several doses you can make the first comparative measurements. The worse the quality of fuel used, the greater the difference in the measured values ​​- not in your favor. Which clearly means that Green Shield Power benefits not only the engine but also the environment.

Green Shield Power is also Shield for your engine. Improved combustion of fuels not settle carbon black (dreaded zakarbonování motor) .



Removes carbon deposits and impurities

Clears pumps and injectors

Maintains cleanliness throughout the fuel supply and injection


Reduces up to 15%

prolongs the life of components


It reduces the amount of fuel consumed

hydrocarbons particle fragmentation increases the contact area with oxygen, thereby effects the complete combustion

Solves the problem of water in the fuel, destroys bacteria and algae.


reduces power consumption


up so much consumption is lower.

increases the performance


when so much power is higher.

reduces emissions


up so much emissions are lower.

reduces foaming


until the smoke is much lower.

Content 250 ml
Dosage 1 ml to 2 liters of fuel
LPG 1 ml per 4 liters of LPG

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