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Gott - a Czechoslovak story

The biggest pop star in Czechoslovakia was Karel GottPavel Klusák
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star, myths - and reality. The biggest pop star in Czechoslovakia was Karel Gott - and in a sense it remains in the Czech Republic to this day. His story, however, is not a traditional narrative of a musical giant. Gott's fate cannot be separated from the history of local society and politics. In the 1960s, the young singer became one of the faces of the cultural relaxation, while in the 1970s he was in accordance with the period of censorship and loss of historical memory. The later era of the market and democracy then treated its legend without asking the shadows at its roots. Gott's fame and his star image are everything, but not obvious: throughout his life, Gott remained a narrator and a guardian of his own story. And thus the story of Czechoslovakia, the music industry, negotiations in the local culture, power struggles and the strength of the media. The independent portrait of Karel Gott by music journalist Pavel Klusák tells this story with an emphasis on proven, new and little -known facts. Gott has penetrated the myths spread over the years and fills white places in the events around Las Vegas, "practice emigration" and antichart. It also depicts the development of domestic show business and society. The fates of Karel Gott are a bit of a history of all of us.
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