Medium concentrate 0,5l - plant sanitation facilities

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Medium is excellent, highly concentrated foamy product for sanitary installations - toilets, urinals, showers, tiles, tile, core housing etc.

The active ingredients are based on citric acid. It has high degreasing capability, scale dissolves and leaves a shiny surface. It is green and pleasant smell.

using the product for the maintenance of social facilities - Medium contact:
in one product you get three - purifying, protective and refreshing air
preparation for the destruction of fungi and bacteria
ease of cleaning - working after just one application - effortlessly
After rinsing and high gloss protective film
product for cleaning swimming pools, solarium, steam bath
feel good about that saves health, nature, time and money

Tip for using the valve to clean the toilets edge
Of the valve, remove the hose and screw it back on dilution bottle. In the inverted position, so the composition can be sprayed directly under the edge of the toilet.

At first use on heavily soiled surfaces, apply the concentrated product, allow at least 20 minutes, and mechanically clean and rinse. With repeated use, keep the surface being cleaned has been diluted product in the same manner. The medium is diluted with hot water by dilution of lines marked on the bottle in a ratio of 1:10.