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Julian Sorel, a young man out of poor circumstances, finds himself at life intersections thanks to the desire to take fate in his own hands and conquer the world. The ambitious young man likes women's intelligence and great memory, but he is too arrogant, irritable, inflammatory and courageous than his strengths to guarantee success in society. Machiavellistically abuses those who love it if they can climb the social ladder, but the obstacle in this effort is its own emotion. There is a self -sacrificing love several years older Mrs. de Rênal, in relation to which Julien initially verifies his influence on women to paradoxically find out that he did not love anyone more. The love between Julian and Matilda de la Mole is governed by the logic of the fight, both of which are not suppressed by their selfishness and pride. Only when it is too late, Matilda is subject to strength that he will fiercely submit and tame. But once a roulette can not be stopped without consequences - and large life betting is paid by the loss of what we loved, sometimes even in our own life.